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Ombre Eyebrow Tattooing

One of the beauty industry’s latest developments, ombre eyebrow tattooing is increasing in popularity due its realistic look. An ombre brow features softer shading at the front and top of the eyebrow, and a darker pigment is applied on the bottom arch and tail of the eyebrow to define the look. Enjoy perfectly shaped and filled eyebrows without the work.

$399 Touch up after 4-6weeks $99

Powder Brow Cosmetic Tattooing

Powder eyebrows feature a cosmetic tattoo technique where solid colour pigment is applied to fill in the eyebrow. This is applied with a clustered need head which means your skin heals with a softer powdered edge look. Power cosmetic tattoo brows are perfect for those with existing eyebrow hair, looking for fullness and definition.

$449 Touch up after 4-6weeks $149

Lip Contour with Soft Blush Shading

Contour lips and add soft blush shading that will enhance and define your lips. An ultrafine and crisp border is drawn along the lip line to define, and shape the lips. Your lips are then finished with a soft blush of colour, creating beautifully full and luscious lips. Great for those after a permanent and natural look.

$399 Touch up after 4-6weeks $99

Lip Contour with Full Lip Tint

For a more defined look, contour lips and add colour that won’t smudge. An ultrafine and crisp border is drawn along the lip line to define and shape the lips. Your lips are then completed with a full permanent lip tint in a colour of your choice. Match your favourite lippie and never have it rub off again.

$449 Touch up after 4-6weeks $149

Upper Eye Lid Cosmetic Tattooing

Open up the eyes, define your top eyelash line, and enjoy permanent make-up that is smudge proof. Colour is applied at the top eyelash line in a medium weight, with the line drawn adjacent to the eyelash line where eyeliner would normally be applied.

$349 Touch up after 4-6weeks $99

Upper and Lower Eye Lid Tattooing

Have both your top and bottom eyelash lines defined. Colour is applied adjacent to the top eyelash line, and likewise on the bottom eyelash line where eyeliner would usually be applied.

$449 Touch up after 4-6weeks $99

Eyelash Enhancement

Make your eyelashes appear instantly thicker with a line of cosmetic tattooing through the top lash line. This effect bridges the lashes together at the base and gives an appearance of thicker lashes without the need for mascara or eyeliner. Perfect for those seeking a completely natural look.

$199 Touch up after 4-6weeks $99

What is Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics, semi-permanent makeup, derma-pigmentation, micro-pigmentation, or feather touch tattooing, are all different terms to describe semi-permanent facial tattoos used to enhance ones beauty.

What to expect

friendly and honest consultation with the highly experienced Jolanta Careful pigment colour planning, as well as planning of your pigment placement A topical anaesthesia will be applied to the treatment area

The pigment will then be gently implanted into the upper reticular layer of the dermis with our digital machine

Your semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo will last between 1-2 years. You may need to return for a touch up due to exposure to the sun, saunas, certain medication, and other lifestyle factors causing natural fading over time

Why choose Brows Beauty Studio?
Trained internationally to apply the highest standard of cosmetic tattooing Locally and centrally based in Perth Over a decade of experience in the beauty industry and cosmetic tattooing We know you deserve the very best care, service, and attention to detail We provide a safe, clean, and calm space

Choose your permanent cosmetics
technician carefully


This all depends on the individual, factors such as age, metabolism, rate of regeneration of your skin and lifestyle will all affect how long your cosmetic tattoo will last.
High-quality semi-permanent makeup can last as long as one to five years. If the tattoo specialist is experienced, your pigment will be applied at the right skin depth and can last a full year before it needs a refresh.

This is completely normal and you don’t need to do anything. During the reconstruction period post-tattoo, you’ll notice some flaking and perhaps scabbing of the area where the cosmetic tattoo was applied. Once healed and flaked away, give your treated area about a week to recover. After a week you’ll notice the pigment manifest itself slowly over approximately three weeks.

As cosmetic tattooing is a beauty treatment which takes us time to prepare for and requires a length of time to set aside to perform, we require prepayment to secure you’re booking and ensure no last-minute cancellations. If you do need to cancel or move your appointment, please contact us as soon as possible.

We do not recommend pregnant or breastfeeding women to have cosmetic tattooing due any risk of stress, infection if the area is not treated correctly post-tattoo, and any numbing creams or anaesthetic which may enter the blood stream through the skin. Please set aside time before you are pregnant or after your birth to come and see us.

Although we do our best to ensure a perfect look, minor asymmetry and difference in colour is completely normal. Different parts of your skin will pigment and behave differently and this is unfortunately not in anybody’s control. However, please book in for a touch-up of the area to restore any asymmetry or unexpected change in pigment colour after allowing a few weeks for your skin to settle.

Our cosmetic tattoo specialists strive for a natural look every time. Depending on your skin and external factors, your tattoo can fade anywhere in between one to five years.

You should only wet the tattooed area after it is fully healed and any scab or flaking comes away. You will see pigment underneath once it falls away.

You should keep your tattoo treated area clean and dry and avoid wetting it. Wetting it could mean a patchy result without colour in some areas.

Tattoos on the eyelids and eyebrows, on the average, heal for about a week. The crust on the lips start to flake and crack on the second to the third day, and on the fourth and fifth – fully come off. Scabbing and flaking is minor, and there is no cause for concern. You should be able to perform your daily activities as usual.

No, this does not affect the colour or healing. All things being equal, a tattoo will not affect your period, and being on your period will not affect your tattoo. There are two things to consider, how your period affects you and whether or not you take medication during your period.

Cosmetic tattoos disappear completely after one to five years. 99.9% of our customers return to us after their cosmetic tattoo fades to have it updated and swear they cannot live without it!

Between cosmetic and ‘normal’ tattoos, there is no difference. It all depends on your own pain threshold; however, we do offer pain management. Some of our clients have fallen asleep during the procedure as we use numbing cream that will protect you from pain in the studio.

Our master tattooist in detail tells our customers how to take care of their cosmetic tattoo to get maximum effect out of it. The end result depends not only on the professional work performed, but also on how well you have followed the instructions of the specialist care.

We do not recommend that you make any manipulation of the eyebrows before your treatment.

There is a risk that the pigment has not entrenched correctly if you have wet you eyebrows. It’s best to wait until fully healed and come in to see us for a touch-up.

Lash enhancement suits all types of eye shapes. We will customise the cosmetic tattoo to enhance your individual features.

“3D Eyebrows” is a term used only for marketing purposes. We are committed to a natural looking eyebrow, not a 3D look.

Sign up for a free consultation with our master tattooist. You will receive recommendations on whether it is possible to correct the form. The small deficiencies can be corrected, and the serious defects can be corrected only by laser or natural tattoo removal.

We do not recommend the use of any skin regeneration creams. The substances that accelerate the regeneration of skin cells will not allow pigment to remain under the skin in necessary quantities.

You can go to work immediately following a visit to us. Tattoos do not make serious adjustments to your lifestyle. The only important rule is to strictly follow the advice of your specialist about care of the treated area. If your job involves swimming or is highly active, it may be advised that you do not participate.

Usually no more than two-three hours. On average 2 hours per treatment.

If you go out in the sun ensure to wear a high SPF factor 50+ sunscreen to protect your tattoo. Sun and UV exposure can fade your cosmetic tattoo.

After about a year tattoos wear and lose saturation of colour. Gradually colour becomes lighter. But don’t worry, correction once a year will help to keep the desired shade.

There are two versions of hair stroke technology – microblading and a medical tattoo machine. We do not recommend microblading for European skin type. We use a hardware method as this is gentle, less traumatic and never leaves scars.

Our cosmetic tattooing specialists will pick a technique that is suitable for your skin and last the longest. Some techniques may not be suitable for young and oily skin, whilst others will be complimentary.

After at least 3.5 weeks. It all depends on your skin and the body, so the dates may vary.

Cosmetic tattooing is suitable for any woman or man who wants to feel good about themselves and enhance their natural beauty, waking up without the hassle of makeup.

We recommend that you avoid sport on the day of the procedure, and avoid swimming (fresh or salt water), saunas and steam rooms until the skin has fully healed as this could cause infection and the tattoo to fade.

Absolutely not! Our signature brows, eyeliner and lips are always natural and appealing. We maintain that a person looks best with a ‘fresh faced’ look rather than a heavy unnatural look.


I have been nail biting my entire life and am super glad that I found the cure which is Jolanta! Living a very active lifestyle and doing outdoor sports I would not have thought that it would last me long but it showed me the quality of her work. Expect beautiful strong nails for at least a month!! Now, I grown nails long enough to not be ashamed of. P. S it is very relaxing to watch her do what she is passionate about.

- Jacqualine

I have been a customer at the Baltic Amber Beauty boutique beauty salon for over 4 years. I heard about Jolanta, the beautiful owner and nail tech, from my friend, and immediately booked my first appointment. I never had beautiful nails before I met Jolanta, my nails always broke and chipped... But at Baltic Amber Beauty, Jolanta not only offered my beautiful gel nails, but also taught me about nail and hand care. Her work is amazing and creative, in more than 4 years I have never had the same nail design, always something new, classy or trendy! Jolanta is always highly professional, caring, and creative. I highly recommend Jolanta’s salon, Baltic Amber Beauty Studio.

- Yulia Uvarova

I've been with Jolanta and Baltic Amber Beauty Studio for 4 years now, and I couldn't recommend the services with Jolanta highly enough! I had never had a Manzillian before coming to see Jolanta - From the start I was made to feel comfortable and the salon is extremely clean. Jolanta is very careful, precise and very thorough with the highest level of detail I have ever seen. I am very very happy and I will continue to come, if you're looking for a beautician to help with your waxing needs, look no further and see Jolanta first.

- Sebastian

My hands and face are a reflection of my personality and inner confidence .As a performing artist,  I am grateful to Jolanta for her meticulous attention to my grooming needs.....nail art, brow and lip definition. The compliments I receive are a testament to the skill and creativity of the attention given at Baltic Amber Beauty. Thank you Jolanta.

- Birute

In performance, and when teaching dance, my hands express many moods. Confidence is essential. Jolanta, of Baltic Amber Beauty has the skill, and creativity to adorn my nails with classy designs that bring admiration from both students and audiences.

- Belyssa

Jolanta has been weaving her magic on my nails for nearly 5 years. Not only do they look great but my nails are also so healthy! Jolanta is very dedicated to her job and keeps up with all the latest trends overseas. Incredibly professional I consider her services to be great value for money judging by all the compliments I get from others on my nails. I highly recommend her to others.

- Cilla de Lacy

I wanted to give you feedback on the facial. My skin is still feeling soft and clean. There is a difference between regular facials at other salons and this one I think. Yours is superior because the natural ingredients have a more gentle, thorough, deeper affect. The texture of my skin feels lovely still. Thank you so much. I have recommended you to others. I will contact you to make another booking in a few weeks.

- Anna

I couldn’t find anyone I could trust with my nails until I met Jolanta. I saw her work on other lady`s fingers and fell in love. Jolanta did not disappoint the first time I saw her and never have ever since. I can’t praise enough the quality of her work, attention to details and personal touch. She always keeps up with latest trends and techniques to satisfy us clients by getting certified all over the world and brining best products to match our desires. Nails done by Jolanta will survive ANYTHING without losing glamorous look for as long as you keep them on. I don’t think any testimonial can do a justice to Jolanta`s work. You must book and see for yourself. Absolute best in the whole country!

- Anya Drozdova

Jolanta offers a professional clean environment. She has a beautiful approachable manner & genuinely cares about her services & the best outcome for her clients. Jolanta does not ‘rush’ & takes her time to ensure the best outcome is achieved. Jolanta follow-ups each time after providing the service to ensure the client is satisfied & to view the outcome. I am pleased with my tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows & especially my lips. I highly recommend Jolanta to everyone desiring cosmetic tattooing.

- Kim

Best place ever. Getting my nails done by Jolanta since 6 years and they always look beautiful. She provides high quality work and pays attention to detail. Highly recommended 🙂 Sylvia

- Sylvia

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