Make-up or visage (derived from the French word visage or face) –is an opportunity to highlight your best facial features and hide the flaws or less flattering.  

Professionally done make-up can make a woman more attractive, sensual and self confident.  It is like a magnet attracting the attention of the eye.


The Purpose of Make-Up


Daytime Make-Up

You aim for a new and natural look.  Perfect skin, beautiful eyes, arched eyebrows and seductive lips.  People will not notice you have any make-up on.  Do not give away your secret.

Style: "Porcelain pastel"Evening (Occasional) Make-Up

Evening make-up is designed to be best when under artificial light.  It is brightly colored, with deep tones, expressive eyes and lush lips.  This type of make-up sometimes uses special effects such as artificial eyelashes, Swarovski crystals and body art etc.  Evening make-up like wedding is designed to last as long as possible.

Portrait of beautiful bride. Wedding dress. Wedding decoration

Wedding Make-Up

This is one of the most difficult types of make up to apply.  The young have to look perfect at the ceremony and later under the photographers gaze.  Wedding make-up has to hide all blemishes, look good under natural and artificial light and at the same time seem simple, sensual and romantic.


Fantasy Make-Up

This is usually used in competitions, photographic and film industry productions.  The importance is to portray the image required.


Formal Make-Up

This is an integral part of the image portrayed by business women.  It is designed to look clean and new, highlighting your good features and projecting an image as obviously business.  It should not distract or divert attention away from work or work colleagues.


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