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No other service can give clients both a natural nail look and feel combined with the convenience and durability of acrylic nails.

Many clients have become tired of acrylic nails in this past decade, because of the disadvantages that can be associated with them.  This includes the odour, lifting , chemical reactions and permanent nail damage.


  1. Odourless
  2. Natural feel
  3. Thin
  4. Crystal clear
  5. Flexible
  6. Light weight
  7. Last up to 4 weeks
  8. Natural look
  9. No lifting (if done correctly)
  10. Non yellowing
  11. Non porous
  12. Can enlarge small toe nails
  13. Help stop your nail bitting habit


Gels are  just as strong as acrylic nails. Their strength comes from their flexibility. Non soak-off gels provide the clients the ability to wear any nail polish or nail design without having to worry that the gel will also be removed when removing it with pure acetone.

Gel nails are a long term, lifestyle choice. Gel nails are meant to be a permanent solution to hand and nail beauty, not a temporary quick fix. Gel nails philosophy is not compatible with the type of consumer looking for only a quick fix of short term or temporary nails ( i.e ”party nails” )

Gel nails is not just a service ; they are a philosophy….. Immediate gratification and a healthy nail philosophy!! Instant length and beauty can be achieved at the first visit by utilising tips or forms in the gel nails full set. The ultimate long term goal with gels is for the client to end up growing out and wearing her own long , strong, beautiful, HEALTHY nails under the gel. She is no longer considered to be wearing artificial nails, but with the gel becoming essentially just a very strong, bonded base coat to protect her own nails from cracking, splitting, peeling and chipping. She is now wearing a nail enhancement, not ”fake” nails and the enhancement need never be removed, only maintained on a regular schedule!


Orly FX is my choice for Gel Nail Polish.

Orly’s Gel FX is a self  levelling base coat that masks nail imperfections and creates a smooth surface for even gel application.
Orly Gel FX is a vitamin infused gel manicure system that is kind to the nail, plate, cuticle and skin. The inclusion of vitamin E Pro vitamin B5 and vitamin A protect and nourish the nail plate and promote cell renewal and growth. The added reflective formula with the polish gives a high shine with no dulling and has strong linked polymers for longevity. It offers a chip free application that wears up to 2 weeks.

  • Longer stronger colour
  • Chip free manicure for 2 weeks
  • Superior shine
  • Easy removal
  • Cures in 30 seconds under LED
  • Full protection and incredible shine


I have been nail biting my entire life and am super glad that I found the cure which is Jolanta! Living a very active lifestyle and doing outdoor sports I would not have thought that it would last me long but it showed me the quality of her work. Expect beautiful strong nails for at least a month!! Now, I grown nails long enough to not be ashamed of. P. S it is very relaxing to watch her do what she is passionate about.

- Jacqualine

I have been a customer at the Baltic Amber Beauty boutique beauty salon for over 4 years. I heard about Jolanta, the beautiful owner and nail tech, from my friend, and immediately booked my first appointment. I never had beautiful nails before I met Jolanta, my nails always broke and chipped... But at Baltic Amber Beauty, Jolanta not only offered my beautiful gel nails, but also taught me about nail and hand care. Her work is amazing and creative, in more than 4 years I have never had the same nail design, always something new, classy or trendy! Jolanta is always highly professional, caring, and creative. I highly recommend Jolanta’s salon, Baltic Amber Beauty Studio.

- Yulia Uvarova

I've been with Jolanta and Baltic Amber Beauty Studio for 4 years now, and I couldn't recommend the services with Jolanta highly enough! I had never had a Manzillian before coming to see Jolanta - From the start I was made to feel comfortable and the salon is extremely clean. Jolanta is very careful, precise and very thorough with the highest level of detail I have ever seen. I am very very happy and I will continue to come, if you're looking for a beautician to help with your waxing needs, look no further and see Jolanta first.

- Sebastian

My hands and face are a reflection of my personality and inner confidence .As a performing artist,  I am grateful to Jolanta for her meticulous attention to my grooming needs.....nail art, brow and lip definition. The compliments I receive are a testament to the skill and creativity of the attention given at Baltic Amber Beauty. Thank you Jolanta.

- Birute

In performance, and when teaching dance, my hands express many moods. Confidence is essential. Jolanta, of Baltic Amber Beauty has the skill, and creativity to adorn my nails with classy designs that bring admiration from both students and audiences.

- Belyssa

Jolanta has been weaving her magic on my nails for nearly 5 years. Not only do they look great but my nails are also so healthy! Jolanta is very dedicated to her job and keeps up with all the latest trends overseas. Incredibly professional I consider her services to be great value for money judging by all the compliments I get from others on my nails. I highly recommend her to others.

- Cilla de Lacy

I wanted to give you feedback on the facial. My skin is still feeling soft and clean. There is a difference between regular facials at other salons and this one I think. Yours is superior because the natural ingredients have a more gentle, thorough, deeper affect. The texture of my skin feels lovely still. Thank you so much. I have recommended you to others. I will contact you to make another booking in a few weeks.

- Anna

I couldn’t find anyone I could trust with my nails until I met Jolanta. I saw her work on other lady`s fingers and fell in love. Jolanta did not disappoint the first time I saw her and never have ever since. I can’t praise enough the quality of her work, attention to details and personal touch. She always keeps up with latest trends and techniques to satisfy us clients by getting certified all over the world and brining best products to match our desires. Nails done by Jolanta will survive ANYTHING without losing glamorous look for as long as you keep them on. I don’t think any testimonial can do a justice to Jolanta`s work. You must book and see for yourself. Absolute best in the whole country!

- Anya Drozdova

Jolanta offers a professional clean environment. She has a beautiful approachable manner & genuinely cares about her services & the best outcome for her clients. Jolanta does not ‘rush’ & takes her time to ensure the best outcome is achieved. Jolanta follow-ups each time after providing the service to ensure the client is satisfied & to view the outcome. I am pleased with my tattoo eyeliner, eyebrows & especially my lips. I highly recommend Jolanta to everyone desiring cosmetic tattooing.

- Kim

Best place ever. Getting my nails done by Jolanta since 6 years and they always look beautiful. She provides high quality work and pays attention to detail. Highly recommended 🙂 Sylvia

- Sylvia

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